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Cabinet socket quality performance

2012/8/27      view:
Cabinet is for placing the computer room equipment, the equipment protection, cabinets need to use a dedicated cabinets outlet, can prevent the cabinet of failure. 1, lightning protection, surge protection The biggest impact resistance current of 20 ka or higher; Limit voltage 500 v or less. 2, alarm, protection LED digital display with alarm function of the entire current monitoring. 3, filtering protection With a fine filter protection, output hyperstatic pure power supply. 4, overload protection Provide the poles overload protection, which can effectively prevent overload problem. 5, prevent wrong operation PDU master switch ON/OFF grid belt protection, to prevent accidental closure. 6, modular design Professional PDU with international standard socket, British standard socket, din sockets, socket and so on different modules can be free replacement in order to meet the different needs of customers. Ningbo sheng communications equipment specializing in the production of various types of cabinets, including smart cabinet,