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CCC test report pass

2013/6/11      view:
On June 8, 2013, the China quality certification center to ningbo branch expert to my company for CCC national mandatory product certification audit.CCC certification is required by law to comply with safety requirements, is to ensure that products, services, management system to meet the requirements of technical regulations and standards conformity assessment activities. Within the scope of the CCC certification of products, must be certified forensics rear can be carried out production and sales. The CCC inspection is a special factory for the certification enterprise inspection method, under the condition of the factory notice in advance, it factory assault check whether meet the requirements of inspection and quality assurance. The inspection team to inspect the finished goods warehouse, first random check the CCC test related product assembly, test, check the products for which the certification logo consistency control. Then a bare wire factory audit qualified supplier consistent usage of raw material, production process control and focusing on the welding and the key working procedure, nonconforming product control high pressure situation, CCC certified products of the company's production situation to me. Then, the first meeting of the panel convened to check. will