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Talk about the prospect of the intelligent PDU

2012/8/25      view:
The concept of intelligent power management become more and more popular in recent years, operators gradually begin to pay close attention to how to realize the intelligent control of power supply. As the realization of intelligent power distribution control management unit, PDU become intelligent power management system execution scheduling mechanism. Actually PDU was introduced before the early operators' room, but before the role is to ensure that more room for safety, and then the PDU does not yet have the intelligent property. And as such as ANDER, clay, break through the electric scale after intelligent PDU products such as manufacturers, operators began to bring it into data centers or computer room. According to breakthrough rui-jun ding senior electrical engineer, the current domestic three big operation business room, the application of intelligent PDU is still in its infancy, coverage is around 20%. In some foreign mainstream operators, it can reach 80%.