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Customization PDU problem encountered in the process of socket

2013/6/11      view:

   Pdu in our country the system of manufacturers with the rapid development of communication industry it has as many as several hundred, and each manufacturer claims to on-demand customization. Here we describe the difference between the PDU customization and PDU manufacturing and relationships. Pdu custom is coping with the rapid development of IDC room, in order to satisfy the equipment changes resulting from the services, service focuses on the following points 1 room equipment take the plug with the PDU form and the number of matching between output pin; 2: PDU mode and power output and equipment room power supply system of wiring way and power matching 3: the control protection device and the front room of PDU power supply circuit of the control protection device of the level and the mode matching, the column head distribution if the SPD surge lightning protection device is a secondary status, as pdus at a lower level of lightning protection of SPD surge prevention should be level 3; If the column head distribution ark of shunt open is 32 a, pdu bearing cannot be less than 32 a and so on. 4: the installation of the pdu way and the cabinet