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Cabinet power socket lightning here will not be afraid

2012/8/21      view:
   Lightning protection cabinet power outlet, also called anti surge PDU. Surge, also known as the surge, just as its name implies is beyond normal working voltage instantaneous overvoltage. Essentially, the surge in just a few hundred a sharp pulse of one over ten thousand of a second time. May be the cause of surge are: heavy equipment, short circuit, the power switch or large engines. And products containing surge block device can effectively absorb the sudden and huge energy, in order to protect connected equipment from being damaged.
Surge protector, also called signal lightning protector, is a kind of for various kinds of electronic equipment, instrumentation, communications lines provide security protection of the electronic device. When the electric circuit or communication lines or for outside disturbance suddenly produce peak current in voltage, surge protector in a very short time conduction tap, to avoid surge damage to other devices in the circuits. With the development of the cloud era, data center computer room equipment operation more need to protect the security of the power supply system of lightning protection. Common cabinets outlet structure, no according to and protection measures, function is simple, use high danger, when lightning protection failure cause off electricity socket, causing severe damage. So if cabinet power socket equipped with surge protection converter can give alarm indication when lightning protection effect while ensuring the cabinet do not lose electrical power socket, so for some key equipment does not allow power is very necessary.