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How to choose to install cabinet power outlet PDU?

2013/6/11      view:
See racks, racks, ordinary people more attention placed on the inside of the server, router and other high-end equipment.But in the eyes of professional buyers, pick a big cabinet power socket.CABINET dedicated Power socket, usually called the PDU, is English "Power Distribution Unit", there is also a theory is "DESIGNATED Power Distribution Unit FOR CABINET" abbreviation. PDU due to the high degree of professional design, material selection standards, its total current-carrying capacity is much larger.Firstly, we should first calculate the own cabinet put which devices which kind of equipment (or perhaps used), to calculate how much needs to be a jack?What equipment is the plug?(what plug and socket, GB2099.3 universal is can use IEC60906 American standard plug and socket GB1002/10 a three flat plug and BS1363 British standard plug, although GB2099.3 compatibility is good, but in the current work, it is best to use specialized accessory socket), only calculate accurate can avoid